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Discover the secret to doubling, even tripling, your tips at every gig. Imagine connecting with your audience on a deeper level, effortlessly building your fanbase, and unlocking untapped income during your shows. With The Tip Accelerator system we initially created for ourselves, you leave no money on the table!

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Your performances are ripe with opportunities—unclaimed tips and unengaged listeners waiting to become loyal fans. The Tip Accelerator harnesses innovative tools and technology, transforming every gig into a lucrative, fan-building opportunity. From controlling the quality of your performance to skyrocketing your average tip amount, our method is designed for gigging musicians who aim for excellence.

If you are not doing this, you are losing money at every gig!

  • There is untapped income RIGHT NOW during your shows. No reason to leave money on the table!
  • You can control the experience and perception of you and your music from the moment people sit down.
  • You can build your mailing list, followers and fanbase right in the venue with little effort.
  • ​You can control the quality of your performance AND take requests by encouraging songs you know well.
  • ​Your average tip amount per request will increase immediately!
For example, even if you are new, you might make $50-100 in tips a night. If you play 4 gigs a month, you usually make $400 in tips for the month.

If you double those tips and make $800 a month, that would be an extra $4,800 EVERY YEAR!

If I could show you how to do that without booking more gigs and for just $27, would you be thrilled?

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Ever been stuck on knowing what songs you should learn or have ready for a great cover show? We have gone through over 2,000 songs and with our 20+ years of experience doing cover shows, we have made a list of the songs that are sure to work anywhere in the world!

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Join countless musicians who've transformed their gigs—and earnings—with The Tip Accelerator. Beyond doubling your tips, you'll gain access to our exclusive Top 200 Songs to Learn List, cutting down your preparation time and ensuring you play what the audience wants to hear.

Don't miss this chance to invest in your career and see immediate returns.


This is a method that will magnetize and multiply the money into your tip jar while building your fan base.

 Who is this for?

You are a gigging musician who is already playing shows, you know at least 50+ songs, and you want to accelerate the money that goes into your tip jar while building a fanbase.

 Who is this NOT for?

Musicians who think that playing cover shows are below them and don't want to perform other artists' music in venues for money.

 When will this work?

A captive crowd will be a tipping crowd. Money follows the connection you make with the crowd.


In a live music venue with a capacity of 30+ people, preferably seated at tables. Not intended for theatre-style seating or any venue with a quick turnover rate.

How to grow

How to acquire more 
units, streamline your management, and grow your net worth rapidly.

What to buy

The little known reasons 
you need to be investing in apartment buildings, like 
10+ units, and NOT buying duplexes.

When to buy

How to properly leverage interest rates and the right time to pounce at that leverage (in case you haven’t noticed, is NOT right now).

How to profit

When exactly do I believe this bloodbath will begin and how can you ‘profit wildly’ instead of letting it control your finances.


Elevate Your Performance, Engage Your Audience Like Never Before, And Watch As Your Tip Jar Fills To The Brim.

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We have gone through over 2,000 songs and with our 20+ years of experience doing cover shows, we have made a list of the songs that are sure to work anywhere in the world!

Cliff & Susan Prowse

This is our personal invite for you to join something we call "The Gig Amplifier" 5-Day Challenge.

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